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Hard-hitting and to-the-point, Against the Dying of the Light will leave you gasping for breath after its seven song beat down. From the opening lines of “Self Worth Pt.3” through to the devastating ending of the title track, KWES proves himself a man unwilling to compromise or bite his tongue.

Already a poised veteran on the mic, KWES paid his dues as a member of seminal Ottawa hip-hop group Kwiz Massturrz – which he fronted with his brother Owel Five.

The talented brothers recently disbanded, opting to individually take Canada by storm from separate cities: Owel Five moved west to Toronto, forming the electrifying dance-inspired hip-hop sensation known as Dream Jefferson and KWES moved east to Montreal, where the sharp-tongued rapper is fiercely making a name for himself in La Belle Ville.

Seamless yet unpredictable, Against the Dying of the Light is tied together by the production acrobatics of long-time collaborator James Hancock (Kwiz Massturrz), whose fluid and unique style seamlessly blends samples and deft musicianship.

This is a debut record you simply can’t ignore.

From the killing fields to the dance floor, Against the Dying of the Light will only serve as further confirmation that your God is a bitch.

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  1. April 23, 2011 6:45 pm

    Against the Dying of the Light is one of the best hip hop albums of 2010, without a doubt.


  1. It’s been a minute… | The Morning Dose

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