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Danny Deleto

Dan Reid and Eimhin Rooney are Danny Deleto

Nobody expects dance music to wait for you; it’s a moving train and if you jump off while it’s in-transit, you’ll never catch up before the next stop. But what if it went from zero-to-full speed at the push of a button? You would have Danny Deleto’s sophomore EP Conversation.

Now before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s be clear – this isn’t your mom and dad’s dance music. Heck, it probably isn’t dance music at all, but what other term could you possibly use to describe the unbridled energy of “Collisions,” which opens the album like a sucker punch in the face.

“War Machine” continues in that vein, picking up steam and constantly changing, morphing, never standing still long enough for you to figure it out. It also acts as a transition, bleeding into the closing track “Womyn,” which blurs lines one never knew existed so closely dividing electronic music from post-rock.

So where does that leave us, the collective listener, in terms of putting this in a descriptive box? Danny Deleto have given you the map, but unfortunately there is neither a compass nor a legend to interpret the symbols scattered across the topography.

This is experimental music in its least pretentious form – rather than two artists recording the sounds of animals in their litter boxes and slapping mailboxes with fish intestines, Danny Deleto are trying to reign in the elements of a wide variety of genres and make them into something lasting.

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