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Crush Buildings

Crush Buildings. The name brings to mind controlled demolitions or, perhaps, sci-fi creatures of yore wreaking havoc on cities while citizens scramble for cover.

Both would be apt descriptions for Crush Buildings. Though not chaotic, James Romanuk and Eimhin Rooney’s musical style can’t be contained by genre. They’re more prone to take them down, piece-by-piece, leaving rubble in their wake.

Formed in 2004, the Ottawa duo set out to make an impact on their city with their genre-smashing, bedroom-produced EP Small Room Sessions, and were surprised by the warm reaction to their first offering.  Their unique blend of hip hop influenced electronic-based rock revealed a burgeoning creative talent for whom no glass ceiling limited.

Despite the four year span separating their first offering from their sophomore release, the full-length Surrender Sleep, the band was not resting on its laurels.  During this time they were fleshing out the structure of a body of work which didn’t merely follow in the footsteps of their first album, but rather allowed their strides to become bounding leaps – a tradition now solidified with their 2010 offering Things Luminous.

Matured by the live-setting expansion into a five-piece – assisted by Luke Duross, Michael Steenbakkers and Daniel Hay – the duo returns with an EP which sees the electronics of  Surrender Sleep playing a less prominent role, yet the resulting organic instrumentation further establishes their reputation as a band of sonic evolution whose only constant is change; continuously exploring yet-to-be charted territories of genre and songwriting.

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