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“I’m going to bring out the computer rock, and that’s when I REALLY got loose.”

– Kase 2, Style Wars

To try to place Ottawa-native, Toronto-transplant Corboe in any one box would be impossible.  Cliche, I know, but dude is no square, nor is he any sort of rectangle.  To call him a producer who raps, or a rapper who produces is to do him a great disservice, because a sound this unique knocks traditional definitions out of the box.

Computer rock really is the best possible description of Corboe’s sound, but not because he’s throwing down acoustic glitchcore.  Like the computer, by the time you finally think you’re on the cutting edge, he’s already dropping that next generation sound, rendering everything else obsolete.

He is currently making noise throughout the college radio scene with his release Take Off Your Glasses, an eight-track powerhouse of a debut, featuring Jonathan Chandler of Amos the Transparent and Owel Five and KWES of the Kwiz Massturrz.  He is hard at work with Dream Jefferson and helping build Owel Five’s solo album Songs for Dames.

If you live in Toronto and you haven’t caught one of the high-octane sets he and Owel Five have been putting on, well, in the words of Method Man, immortalized in Rhyme and Reason, “motherfuckas’ll look at you like you from another planet or something, man. Word up.”

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