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Dream Jefferson reviews in Cokemachineglow, A New Band A Day and Citizen Insane

August 6, 2011

Dream Jefferson are the real talk of the town these days with reviews in Cokemachineglow, A New Band A Day and Citizen Insane.

Well, it seems like Dream Jefferson are starting to get some of the recognition they so rightly deserve. Cokemachineglow gave Toronto’s dreamboats (see what I did there?) an 82% review, contrasting Punch Perm to shock-masters Odd Future.

Dream Jefferson are not so much a cerebral exercise, and also very far from stupid. That you require no justification for enjoyment of this album reflects its modern character and total lack of sensationalism.

A New Band A Day heaped similar praise on Dream Jeff, saying their posturing and bratty bluster would seem nonsensical in most other environs, but sitting as it does, in a rainbow-coloured nest of electro-lo-fi hip hop, it thrives and reaps its own rewards, over and over.”

And finally, Citizen Insane nails it, saying Dream Jefferson should be the soundtrack to your next dance party.

Who would’ve thought a hip-hop/electronic duo from Ottawa could deftly combine old skool rhymes, b-boy beats and Friday-night hipster danceability?

Please help us get these guys reviewed on Pitchfork!

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