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Coming From Parts Unknown… Dream Jefferson “PUNCH PERM”!

July 22, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages… weighing in at 1 ton… hailing from PARTS UNKNOWN… Dream Jefferson’s PUNCH PERM is IN THE BUILDING!

Take a listen… download this… share with a friends. That’s right… a friends. Then you’re going to want to share with listens, take a this, and download a listen! See that? WORD JUMBLE. That’s all your brain is going to be able to process by the time you’re done listening to this.

Be sure to make your way over to The Burning Ear and check out the first impression of Punch Perm by our favourite blogger and part-time battleship, Brandon:

The rhymes and storytelling are quick, irreverent, and on point as they drop odd references to things like The X-Men (“The Danger Room”), The Royal Wedding (“Westminster Abbey”), and Final Fantasy and Beyonce in the same song (“Robo Kill Beneath Disco Club Layla”). I don’t know how Corboe and Owel got album art that is basically a mirror of what happens when you hear these jams. Nifty trick.

Read more at The Burning Ear

And don’t forget, Ottawa! Come out to Maverick’s tonight and LIVE THIS with KWES, Crush Buildings and DREAM JEFFERSON!

Doors @ 9, $7!

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