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Dream Jefferson T-Shirts, CKCU Interview & 1 Day Until Punch Perm!

July 21, 2011

Alright, everybody!

We all need clothes, right? You can’t just walk around shirtless all day like a professional wrestler. Hell, even professional wrestlers wear shirts when they’re not working. What a better way to hide your insecurities than to drape yourself in a t-shirt of your favourite Canadian electro-indie-hip-hop group? That’s Dream Jefferson, btw (btw).

Yowza! That’s a spicy meatbulb t-shirt! You can grab yourself one at the official Punch Perm release party TOMORROW at Maverick’s! Best $20 you ever spend (aside from that $20 you dropped on eBay to get yourself a pair of WWF Wrestling Buddies… we’re not going to lie… that’s a pretty awesome find!)

The doors are open at 9, and the music starts at 10 with KWES, followed by Crush Buildings, and the night will be wrapped up with Dream Jefferson! $7!

ALSO OF NOTE: Be sure to tune in to CKCU today at 11:15 to catch Corboe speaking about Punch Perm on Whatever’s Cool With Me, and there will be an exclusive preview of one of the new tracks, Purple Hearts!

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