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July 11, 2011

OHHHH SNAP. Guess what you’re up to on Friday July 22nd! Suicide? Postpone/Cancel it. Chat Roulette trolling? Postpone/Cancel it. CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival? Tell them you’ll make it up to them. I don’t care get them to call Carrot Top, the REAL Carrot Top, he owes you A HUNDRED favors.

Listen. Do you know about the amazing things that Dream Jefferson, Crush Buildings AND KWES are doing with live performances these days? Picture 1000 B4-4 concerts…kay? Now fucking DOUBLE that. Its like being in future all the time forever. Not enough? Easy there, guy from the Sham-Wow ads. Im getting to the best PART:

DREAM JEFFERSON IS RELEASING THEIR NEW PUNCH PERM EP (its amazing). Punch Perm is going to be there.  (hear a joint at Dream Jeff’s bandcamp below!)

Still not enough? oh thats enough? Well, see you there. Wait..WAIT…there’s more. Rifle Eyes recordings promises a surprise. A SURPRISE.

Where: Maverick’s (Google Map a bitch)

When: July 22, 2011

Time: Doors @ 9, Music @ 10

Cost: $7

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