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The Ottawatchyaself Rundown

May 3, 2011

Ottawa, stand up. Bender, current KOTD champ and 1/3 of Flight Distance (along with Patience and Cal Kuta – who just released a soul mix you need to GET ALL OVER), just uploaded one of my favourite tracks (which is saying a lot considering I’m on one of the joints – it’s called humility, suckaz) off of Crack Moses’s first album “Who Let the Gods Out”, which is the best thing to come out of Ottawa since Flight Distance’s Run For Your Lives. Unfortunately the album is not available, at the moment, outside of Ottawa, but I’ve been talking with Da God Body himself about trying to get it available online for mass Internet consumption.

So where does that leave you, the listener? Well, you’ll have to make due with playing this joint OVER AND OVER AGAIN on YouTube until it is available online, which I’m hoping will be accomplished by the time Crack Moses releases his next album, coming soon, which will feature Osa of Hindu Kush, Dynamic (who has released two Crack Moses produced bangers, When I Cut a Recordwatch the video here – and Care About, both of which are available for free download on his Bandcamp from his upcoming album, When I Cut a Record), Solomon Childs (of Theodore Unit fame), Flight Distance, myself (KWES) and, if I forgot the others, I apologize. It’s going to be a fucking EVENT.

If you aren’t familiar with Crack Moses yet, you obviously haven’t been paying attention to this site close enough or you haven’t downloaded Flight Distance’s leaks from Bad Information (the sampler is available for free download here – 4 tracks deep) or the second leak All Crushed Under the Same Terrible Wheel, both of which are available for free download on their Bandcamp (which now features the RARE Warning Shot EP, which proceeded their album Run For Your Lives!).

If that doesn’t ring any bells, you’ve been sleeping. If you STILL don’t recognize the name Crack Moses, you must not have read the liner notes on O.G. Hindu Kush’s In 3-D, which features two Crack Moses bangers, Celebration of Life (featuring one of Canada’s best, Narcicyst) and Hell’s Kitchen (featuring Royce da 5’9), and can be purchased here on Step Your Life Game Up, along with some great gear.

Alright, is that it? Nah – one more thing: Osa’s battle with Quake from KOTD’s Gridlock event, is now up and ready to be watched over and over ‘gain.

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