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Danny Deleto & Dream Jefferson Featured on Shaggy’s Daily Beats!

May 3, 2011

Danny Deleto's Satursnakes & Conversation featured on Shaggy's Daily Beats, along with Dream Jefferson's Sasquatch Bury Their Dead

Two Rifle Eyes bands, Danny Deleto and Dream Jefferson, were featured on Shaggy’s Daily Beats.

On Danny Deleto:

Before now my experiences with anything labelled experimental have left me a little cautious, but that label has been redeemed ladies and gentlemen. I’ll let the professionals over at Rifle Eyes do my job for me.

“This is experimental music in its least pretentious form – rather than two artists recording the sounds of animals in their litter boxes and slapping mailboxes with fish intestines, Danny Deleto are trying to reign in the elements of a wide variety of genres and make them into something lasting.”

Judging by the fact that my cold seems to have improved with a steady dose of Red Bull and this amazing music I would say lasting music achieved.

On Dream Jefferson:

Feel free to decide a genre for this astounding music, cause I’m having a bit of trouble doing that myself. Dream Jefferson was qualified as party rap for a short time until who ever said that listened to the EP. This is my crazy rap that I bust out when ever I need to school anyone that thinks that they have better music than me. I must admit that I have been hiding this album for quite some time, it’s not entirely new, but my stuffed up brain decided this is as good a time as any.

In sickness and in health, Rifle Eyes got something for that ass. Thanks to contributor Mr.FlawedLogic for fighting through his head cold to give the team some support! Make sure to check out the site and also check them out on the Twitter.

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