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Dream Jefferson Interview @ Verbal Dexterity & Westminster Abbey!

April 26, 2011

What’s good, Friday? It’s not Friday – THAT’S FOR CERTAIN. That was meant to be a silly non-joke referencing this past Friday. It failed miserably. Wait, can a joke fail if it was never funny in the first place?! I think not. JOKE SAVED!

Anyway, Owel Five took some time to answer some questions posed by the Irish blog Verbal Dexterity.

VDWhere did you derive the name Dream Jefferson, and surely it can’t be coincidental that it’s an anagram of Jam Reffed Snore?.

O5 The name is an obscure 30 Rock reference, 10 points to whoever can recite the line.

VDAt V.D we think your music’s awesome, kinda like Chromeo meets Hoodie Allen, would you class it as electro-rap, party rap or a new age invented genre?

O5We aren’t big fans of sub genre labeling. Our music is obviously hip hop, but with a twist. Take it as you will, name it what you want, but in the end it’s just music. That being said, if we had to invent a name for our sound it would be Wolfmang Ultra.

Read Whole Interview Here

Questions – We Got Answers!

Anyway, this is a big week, as Dream Jefferson will be releasing the first single off of their new EP “Punch Perm”, Westminster Abbey. I’ve had a chance to listen to it and in an attempt to manage expectations I’ll only say this – it’s the best thing ever. Ever. Keep an eye on your Internet this Friday!

Dream Jefferson's new single "Westminster Abbey" will be released Friday, 29 April

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