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Dream Jefferson Shoot Video for Vampyroteuthis!

March 30, 2011

While the rest of us are still in awe of Andrew Ventura‘s work on Dream Jefferson’s “Ghosts of San Simeon” video, he hasn’t taken the time to rest on his laurels. This past weekend he gathered Dream Jefferson and a grouping of absolutely wonderful ladies to shoot a video for Owel and Corboe’s song “Vampyroteuthis.”  The setting for the video was provided by the always wonderful and infinitely awesome people at Rancho Relaxo, and will be available in the next little bit (anybody who I forgot to mention – my apologies. I wasn’t there so I can’t do an appropriate roll call!).

Excited? I know we are. Can’t Hardly Wait is more like it, but unfortunately we have to. Until then, here are some shots from the shoot (as well as two YouTube videos introducing us to a couple of the extras) to whet your appetite. A billion thanks to Andrew Ventura, the extras who showed up, and of course, the amazing folks at Rancho Relaxo for providing them with the appropriate scenery.

Pics and a videos after the jump!

Owel and Corboe looking mad evil

Andrew and the team creating something beautiful

Meet a few of the extras who volunteered their time to help everybody make this a reality!

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