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Free Shit Fridays

March 25, 2011

What’s good, my peoples? Is it Friday? It is. Alright well let’s get some shit off of our Internet chest and into your facebox.

First up we have Bender battling Arkaic in the UK’s “Don’t Flop” league.

Make sure you get yourself a copy of OG Hindu Kush “In 3-D” as well over at the Step Your Life Game Up store.

Next we have another installment (NUMERO SEPT) of Atherton’s “Freestyle Thursdays” (delivered conveniently to your Internet-door on Friday. Subscribe to his damn channel or bookmark Atherton TV and you can get it on time). This one is special. He doesn’t actually freestyle for you. Well he does, but not in the way he has been. Whatever, just watch it and check the fly gear.

And last but certainly not least, we have Dynamic’s “When I Cut a Record” produced by none other than Croup aka Crack Moses. Free download, so no excuses. Bang it out and check out Dynamic’s site Bring Ya Eh Game.

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