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Dream Jefferson x The Score x Coors Light Silver Bullet Express

March 14, 2011

So, y’all like Dream Jefferson, right? Yeah? Good.

And I’m sure some of you drink beer, and perhaps you drink Coors, perhaps because you like it, or perhaps ironically (people do things like that right? Right, Internet?).

Don’t drink beer or drink beer but don’t drink Coors? Do you still have eyes and ears which allow you to watch commercials, even though you typically flip through them or at least pretend to, because in reality you’re waiting for that Downy commercial with all of those kittens in heaven, or whatever?

Well add something else to that list! Dream Jefferson’s “This Is Baskerville” is featured in Coors Light’s “Silver Bullet Express” commercial!


Check out The Score website for “Silver Bullet Express” contest details (and the commercial)!

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  1. Coors ligght | AceFlyer

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