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PARAMEDICS. Babylon. Saturday. III. Dont be a dink.

January 18, 2011

Paramedics want you to know one thing and one thing only right now gosh darn it! and it’s this: This aint no toilet water doodle doo soft hand clown sex affair. This is music designed to bust you in the head and then wont even read the thank you letters you write it for helping you get your listening to music game back on track.
Their new EP, III, yeah, you hear dat right, III, shall send you to heaven before it sends you to  hell different heaven.
These guys don’t spend much time milling about like a quartet of Sir Lillywand Layabouts (real thing). You’d hard pressed to hear a band get so much out of 3 songs and a little over 12-13 minutes (IM NOT MADE OF DOING SONG LENGTH MATH…JUST DOWNLOAD IT).
The thing is good. Great even. Like I said

anyway this is you on the facebook lately:

Turglin Snurdleson: “Hey Bros Everybody, looking for new music to check out open to suggestions fasdklfj;sldfj;lasdkfj”
Whatever, rifle eyes on twitter and two other whatevers LIKE this!

Anyway, these guys have some pretty lofty ass aspirations and some intimidating influences that i wouldnt want to meet down a dark alley…not in terms of like…physical threat but show that they can roll with some serious company but dont take my word for it LeVar Burton,  …just punch me out join me and several others on Saturday January 22nd at Babylon on Bank Street.

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