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Against the Dying of the Light X Lesson Six X 2010 Top 10

January 15, 2011

KWES & James Hancock's "Against the Dying of the Light" take the number 2 spot on Lesson Six's "Best of 2010" list

KWES & James Hancock’s “Against the Dying of the Light” take the number 2 spot on Lesson Six’s “Best of 2010” list

You know what’s a wicked cool way to start off 2011 (*cough*2 weeks into 2011*cough*)?  Seeing KWES & James Hancock’s “Against the Dying of the Light” on a Best of 2010 list!  And you know what’s an even wicked-er cool-er way to start off 2011 (*cough*see above*cough*)?  Seeing it snatch the number 2 spot!

Lesson Six posted their Best of 2010 list three weeks ago, so this may be old news for Lesson Six readers, but its new news for us because, well, we don’t Google ourselves obsessively (*cough*Google Alerts do that for us but somehow missed this*cough*), but perhaps we should start!

A big thanks goes out to the guys (or girls?  Or guys and girls?  Or girls and guys?) over at Lesson Six for including this in a list with other Canadian artists like Shad and D-Sisive.

The song “Self Worth p. 3” was also included on their “Best of 2010: A Lesson Six Mix”, so you should probably go check that out, too.

Well, we thought 2011 was going to be all teary-eyed goodbyes to family, friends, loved ones, and that monk in the Himalayas ringing that giant bell, what with 2012 fast approaching.  But you know what?  This makes it a little less terrifying.  Now, 2012 and the End of Fucking Everything is easily the most terrifying of the Real Things You Should Spend Your Time Worrying and Making Youtube Videos About, so, even with this to dull the terror, it’s still fucking horrifying.

Damn you, Mayans!  Why couldn’t you just LIE to us and make your calendar go on for another hundred years so we would have been blissfully unaware (*cough*like they themselves were somehow unable to predict the end of their civilization at the hands of the White Devil*cough*) and then on New Years Eve people could have been like “Oh, what’s that giant wall of water approaching?”, and that would be that.

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  1. worsteverything permalink
    January 16, 2011 11:25 am

    Shad Ima let you finish but Kwes had the best album of 2010…

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