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Dream Jefferson X Poor Boy Clothing Night @ Rancho Relaxo!

December 9, 2010

Ah, the holidays!  A time for friends, family, good times, the drunken opening of old wounds at the most inappropriate of times, and the War on Christmas (The Right Wing Everywhere).

Well, folks, 2012 Christmas comes early this year!

This Sunday, Poor Boy Clothing and those wonderful people over at Rancho Relaxo are hosting QUITE THE SHINDIG (quite the shindig INDEED!), featuring none other than DREAM JEFFERSON!  But that’s not all (not all INDEED!)!  Also on the bill are Drugs in Japan, Crashing Cars and the Effens, and you can experience the whole kit and caboodle for, like, $5 (NOTE: It’s actually $5, not “like” $5.  I’m just trying to reach the kids, bros)!

Wow, I bet you’re saying to yourself, $5 is quite the steal!  Actually, no, it’s not a “steal”, because you’re paying for it, but I get what you mean.  Also of note, beers are $4 and there will be some t-shirts (not Dream Jefferson t-shirts, as far as I know.  Sorry, guys) on sale for $5!

So why not make up for the time your parents neglected to buy you that Ninja Turtles Party Wagon, only to buy it for your younger sibling the VERY NEXT YEAR (I’m looking at you, mom and dad), and spend the night with Dream Jefferson, Drugs in Japan, Crashing Cars and The Effens!

Facebook Event Page

Sunday, December 13

Rancho Relaxo

Doors @ 9 PM

Oh, and BTW (that’s “by the way”, btw), Terri Coles brings the HEAT AGAIN!

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