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R.I.P. The Layup, Long Live The Hidden Crate!

December 1, 2010

It’s been a few months now, but Ottawa heads are still mourning the untimely demise of The Layup.  But like a real life John Edward (bro doesn’t exist, bros), Vektrx, formerly of The Layup (duh), has used the powers of The Internet to not only allow you to communicate with the dead(stock… zing!), but you can also go through its merchandise and still get your hands on those vintage kicks, deadstock, streetwear, hats and clothing!

Enter The Hidden Crate.

It’s like your grandma had the FLYEST Vintage 90’s Raiders Starter hoodie (stepping out of the analogy… if you were looking for that, the Hidden Crate had it, and now that shit’s gone) and she passed away and you were supposed to buy it off of her but then she died, so you went to a psychic and the psychic was like “Yo, e-mail and you’re set”.  Right?  Totally has happened to so many people I know.  Well, problem solved.

Direct your Internet towards there (click the photo above or here) and get flyer than mahogany.

HSDG, bitches.

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