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Dreamphone x Teen Sleuth x David Simard THIS SUNDAY!

November 30, 2010

Evening, ladies and gents!  What are you doing this weekend?  Watching reruns of Blade: The Series?  A little bit of nostalgia, have we?  Well, before you tear through the 12 episodes of the one and only season and consider cracking open your two season set of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, we’re thinking you should make some room on your calendar, if you live in Ottawa or are willing to make the trip TO Ottawa, this upcoming Sunday (being December 5th, lol calendars) for Dreamphone‘s inaugural show!

Who is Dreamphone, you ask?  C’mon, bro!  Do you not click the artist links at the top of the page?  Whatever.  Dreamphone is Conrad Amenta (ex-Books on Books) on drums, Jordanna Marchand (ex-Psychic Hotline) on guitar/vocals, and James Romanuk (Crush Buildings) on bass/vocals, and you might as well get to know them now, because they only have so many friend requests left on Facebook before they have to shut down that account and start a whole new one just for mom and dad to be able to jump on the bandwagon (fuckin’ mom and dad)!  Check out their first song “Numbered Lights” on their MySpace (the throwback everything)!

Booya, you say?  So say we (lol grammar)!  They are going to be playing with Montreal’s Teen Sleuth who will be bringing along a lot of visual goodies (aside from the band itself!  Who do you think these guys are, the Gorillaz circa whenever they would videophone it in?), throwing down their signature operaw (at first I thought this was a typo, but it appears in their press release a couple of times so, definitely not a typo!  I just wonder how they were able to get the rights to use the term from R.Kelly, who owns it and all variations).  Not familiar with them yet?  You should be.  Check out their MySpace, their YouTube (so many “cat taking poops in toilet” videos!), and while you’re at it, you might as well hit up their website (because websites are the throwback Twitter!)!

But wait, there’s more!  Following Teen Sleuth on the trip from Montreal to Ottawa will be David Simard, who has been “cut from the same cloth as Jeff Buckley, Nina Simone and Tom Waits” (and what cloth it must be!) and will be throwing down his signature cabaret-blues chimera.

I bet most of you haven’t been this excited for a Sunday since you stopped watching the couch gags to tell if it was a new episode of the Simpsons or not!

Teen Sleuth w/ Dreamphone & David Simard

Sunday, December 5th

Doors @ 7:30

Babylon Nightclub

317 Bank Street

Ottawa, ON, CA

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