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Islands Fold Art Farm hosting big sale

November 27, 2010
Islands Fold art sale

Art sale: Buy any original work from Islands Fold Art Farm, like the one above, and they’ll include another of equal or lesser value for free.

Islands Fold Art Farm are having a buy one, get one free art sale.

At Rifle Eyes, we give you so much for free and don’t ask for anything in return except your unconditional, unquestioning and infinite support for everything we do. Even if we ever decided to do something like this.

Dream Jefferson just gave you Sasquatch Bury Their Dead for free. Before that, KWES gave you Against The Dying of the Light.

What am I getting at? I am asking for a favour. Please support the good people over at Islands Fold Art Farm. The amazing illustrator who created the cover of Danny Deleto’s Satursnakes album (also given to you for free), is having a gigantic art sale.

Buy any original work and they’ll include another of equal or lesser value for free. They’ll even include the postage for the second item. It’s really an incredible deal. Check out the sale here.

Not only do you get a truly incredible, one-of-a-kind piece of art, your money also goes to support a very innovative, independent Canadian publisher and artist residency. Angela Conley and Luke Ramsey invite artists into their home in Pender Island, B.C., serve them delicious and healthy homemade food and collaborate with them on art projects.

We won’t take your money, so please give generously to them.

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