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Dream Jefferson – Sasquatch Bury Their Dead

November 10, 2010


For too long, party rap has been the province of the hyper-sexual, presented comically or with straight faced perversion, with little or nothing to bridge the gap. What the genre lacks is a basis in reality, as opposed to a juvenile masturbatory fantasy, an honesty which would allow for a connection between the listener and the artist.

From this day forward, party rap will be divided into two strata – everything else and this, Dream Jefferson’s “Sasquatch Bury Their Dead”. To label this party rap would be a broad stroke generalization, an unfair lumping in, diluting substance in a sea of bodily substance. However, the sheer energy of each song comprising the album as a whole can best be described as celebratory. A celebration of the human condition and its inherent vulnerability, wearing its heart on its sleeve while throwing bows.


Producer/lyricist Corboe and lyricist Owel Five strip party rap down to its basic elements and rebuild it from scratch, creating a refreshing new direction in sound which marks a new, uncharted territory. Theirs is the realm of eclectic kinetic energy, passionate, rapid fire lyricism mixed with early ’80s Rocksteady chorus sensibilities and beats big enough for the club, yet lush and textured enough for headphones.

The future is now.

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  1. November 11, 2010 9:37 am

    The new EP totally kills it! Wicked fresh.

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