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Things Pertaining to Sasquatch Bury Their Dead!

November 7, 2010

Wow, daylight savings time, right?  I woke up all like “Hey what happened to an hour of the day?”  And then I was like “Lost time,” but not in that “I Want To Believe” way, more in that “realization that each moment I exist I age, tip toeing towards the end” kinda way.  And then I was like “Aliens LOL” and made myself a caffeinated beverage (BECAUSE SUNDAY, RIGHT?).

We are in the home stretch, people, like the last few turns on Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne as Batman’s (or Batman as Bruce Wayne as Batman?  LOL philosophy!) drive to the Batcave (or Wayne Manor) through the dark woods of Tim Burton’s imagining (allegorical? “That’s a metaphor,” to quote Tracy Jordan).  Except it’s less “Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne as Batman”, and more “you guys”, more “waiting for the release of Dream Jefferson’s Sasquatch Bury Their Dead” than the “dark woods of Tim Burton’s imagining”, and less “Batcave” but more “Dream Jefferson’s Sasquatch Bury Their Dead”.  Are we clear on what we are actually talking about and clear on what we are definitely not talking about?  We are not talking about Tim Burton’s Batman starring Michael Keaton, released in 1989.  We are definitely not talking about that.  It was a metaphor which, in retrospect, was kind of freewheeling and maybe confused a relatively straight forward bit of news.  Or maybe it was the best metaphor in the world and made TOTAL sense.  Only time will tell.

So anyways, Wednesday, November 10th (this Wednesday, which lands on a Wednesday [Spooky!]) will see the release of the long-awaited Sasquatch Bury Their Dead by Dream Jefferson!  Did I mention it was going to be a free download?  Well, it will be.  You can mark the occasion in whichever manner your heart desires, as long as it includes downloading the album.

Those too hip to be square (see: Not square.  Opposite day!) will also make it out to the official release party, which is also the last stop of The Leathers‘ “Sweat Equity Tour“, and will also feature Dante LaSalle and Advanced Placement, courtesy of Vinyl Tap, Two-Way Monologues and Rancho Relaxo!  Doors at 9, music at 10, and it’s $7!  “Seven dollars!” You exclaim.  “I don’t have that kind of money!  I just bought the new Dream Jefferson album!”  No, friend, you didn’t.  You got it for free.  “Oh,” you say as you sit down, agreeing to go.

Facebook Event Page

And if you can’t make that for some ridiculous-yet-legitimate reason, you need not fret!  On Thursday (the Thursday following this Wednesday, which happens to land on a Thursday[Again with the spooky!]) you can scoot over to Sneaky Dees to see Lordy Lordy, Trevor James and the Perfect Gentlemen, Hands & Teeth with a special Dream Jefferson after party, again courtesy of Two-Way Monologues and this time Sneaky Dees!  Doors at 9, music at 10, and it’s $7!

Facebook Event Page

“Wow,” you’re probably saying to yourself, “that is a lot of Dream Jefferson’s “Sasquatch Bury Their Dead”-related excitement in the course of two days!”  You’d be right, if it weren’t for THIS:


LOL Exciting week, guys!

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