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S’clusive! KWES x Corboe x Crush Buildings “The Grassy Knoll”

September 27, 2010

S’clusive!  So, everybody here knows that KWES and James Hancock just recently dropped “Against the Dying of the Light”, a 7 track EP released by Rifle Eyes for free… Oh, wait.  You didn’t?  Well, you can get it HERE.

Anyhow, we didn’t think we should rest there.  Okay, I lied.  We took a nap.  Anyway, the point is we have something else for you.  A while back (what is a while?  Could be anything!  QUESTIONS) KWES and Corboe started working on a “body of work” (see: more than one song) under the working name “Ill O’Reilly”.  Those sessions are still in existence, and will very much see the light of day, but, we figured this one track was too good keep under wraps.  It’s kind of like a secret.

“Two people can keep a secret, but only if one of them are dead”

– Vincent Bugliosi.

Oh, ha ha ha, you really ARE a great lawyer, Vinny!  But enough with the preamble, right, Internet?  One of the sessions off of Ill O’Reilly features the work of Crush Buildings, who really gave this song a whole new something.  What that something is is not for me to tell you.

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