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Ahmadinejad Brings Down the House With 9/11 Routine

September 24, 2010

Rabble rousing Iranian stand-up comedian Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ran and told dat yesterday at the internationally renowned U.N. General Assembly comedy club in a routine that was described by U.S. diplomats in attendance as “abhorrent and delusional”.

While some comedians might protest that 9/11 themed material was “too soon”, Ahmadinejad treated the international audience to 9/11 conspiracy theory-themed punch lines, stating that “the US government orchestrated the attack in order to save the Zionist regime in the Middle East”. Ahmadinejad is well-known for his Zionism-themed humour, however, the “Bush Did It” material is new to his repertoire, seemingly added into his routine to counter criticisms that he is past his prime, LOL-wise.

While the routine had a polarizing effect on the audience of the U.N. General Assembly, fringe comedians well-known for their 9/11 conspiracy theory-themed routines, such as Charlie Sheen, Alex Jones, Dylan Avery, and David Ray Griffith, said it was making them “LMAO”.  The group is known collectively as the “9/11 Truth Movement“, a loosely knit comedy troupe fashioned after the “Redneck Comedy Tour”.

Flyer for "9/11 Truth Movement" Comedy Tour

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