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It Appears That We Are Down To Our Last Mimzy: Dream Jefferson X Rancho Relaxo

September 21, 2010

JOKES!  Calm down, everybody!  It was a ruse.  I don’t even know what a Mimzy is, but apparently they’re quite precious, endangered, and The Future Is Trying To Tell Us Something!

Indeed!  The future is trying to remind you that you’ve got plans this Thursday, if you live in or around the Toronto area!  Those dastardly dashing doers of damage, Dream Jefferson, are playing the 5th installment of the $5 Rap Show at Rancho Relaxo!  Join hosts More or Les and Wordburglar as they help you navigate the treacherous waters (not actually treacherous, not actually waters, not actually an apt metaphor for a rap show) where Mindbender, Mister E, Sunny D and DREAM JEFFERSON will be shark hunting (not actually shark hunting, not actually an apt metaphor for “rapping their asses off for your $5 bills)!


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