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I Got The Cat On The Grill: Eli Porter Documentary

September 16, 2010

Everybody remembers Eli Porter from the Iron Mic battle, right?  A refresher For Doz That Slept:

Well over 2 MILLION hits, a self-sustaining Internet meme, and more t-shirts than you can wave a stick at.  Well, now there’s a documentary coming out called “People’s Champion” about Eli Porter and the Iron Mic battle.  Mom, can I be Internet famous too?

Anyway, at first I was like “Yo nuts to this” in my best  Neo-Luddite fashion, because I pretend to hate all trends until I’m sure it’s safe enough for me to wade in and poke its dead body with a stick and check its pockets for change.  But now I’m kind of really into this!  Maybe it’s the M83 track playing in the trailer that makes it seem like it’s going to be a feel good hit of the summer (R.I.P. Summer), or maybe it’s because the Internet is now all that matters, but either way, I’m kinda looking forward to this now!

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