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Dream Jefferson – Doin’ Thangs

September 8, 2010

So, as the title suggests, Dream Jefferson are back (where did they go?  It doesn’t seem like they went anywhere but to say “Dream Jefferson are back” insinuates, nay, asserts, that they went somewhere?  Where ever they went, I’m sure they were DOIN’ THANGS!) and they’re DOIN’ THANGS!

Speaking of which: What are you doing this Thursday?  Yes, tomorrow.  I know, short week, right LOL?  Well, if your schedule isn’t free, call grandma and tell her that parcheesi is PENDING RESCHEDULING and put your instant messenger status to DOIN’ THANGS, because Dream Jefferson are playing at the Korova Milkbar in Toronto with Alphabot! and B’MO Crazy!  Trust us, there are thangs to be done (RE: DOIN’ THANGS!).

Doors @ 9 and $5 cover.  Can you beat that?  INSERT A CLOCKWORK ORANGE JOKE HERE (i.e. You can’t beat that with a giant penis sculpture!)!

Korova Milkbar on Google Maps

Facebook Event Page

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