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August 31, 2010
I just wanted to quickly point your attention to an excellent Coke Machine Glow review of the new album by our friends We Fled Cairo. The reviewer punctuates his point that good bands are in a constant struggle to get noticed in the wet-blanket scene that is Ottawa by referencing Rifle Eyes act Crush Buildings (and their determination to hold things down in the nation’s capital).
Adult Braces is the product of a band that cares enough about their music to make it well, but not so much that they need others to recognize that. I have all the respect in the world for an Ottawa band like Crush Buildings, who, with their remarkably confident Things Luminous, continue to rage against the dying of this city’s light. But it’s refreshing to hear an album that goes gently and is perfectly okay with that—a very good album that sees a crumbling music industry and says, well, here’s my music anyway. “What could possibly be the motivation,” Conrad asked, “to run, full-speed and face-first, into the outstretched fist of this pitiless scene?” Perhaps the solution is simply to walk.
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