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Crush Buildings Do A Bunch of Stuff, Elsewhere, People Excited

August 20, 2010

Damn, girl, what you reading?  Oh, WORD?  That Crush Buildings “Surrender Sleep” write-up on i(heart)music?  Yeah, gimme that for a second and let me read up on that a little bit…

(snatches printout of said article and reads aloud)

Last time we checked in with Crush Buildings, they were having a bit of an identity crisis. Their debut, Surrender Sleep, was certainly good, but you could tell that the band wasn’t sure who they wanted to be. One song they were rockers, the next they were rappers, the next still they were showing off their skills at putting together intricate beats. It made for an interesting — if occasionally schizophrenic — listening experience.

Happily, this is a problem they’ve worked out on their newest album, Things Luminous. Unsurprisingly, all it took was a little musical synthesis — some sparse beats here, a bit of the band’s more rocking moments there, ditching their hip-hop leanings entirely, and voila!: downtempo psychedelic rock. It’s a style that suits them well, as songs like “The Let Down” and “Blueteeth” demonstrate. The band’s ability to craft compelling music has never been in doubt, but it’s stronger here than it ever has been. Moreover, the vocals — once the band’s weak spot — are now a major strength, since they fit in perfectly with the dreamy psychedelia going on. All in all, it’s an outstanding sophomore release, and one that shows Crush Buildings’ continued evolution is taking them in some pretty interesting directions.

Oh, damn!  There’s also a free mp3 download of “The Let Down” attached to this piece!  (Tries to rip mp3 off of page, tears hole in page) Did you see that they are ALSO playing in next weekend’s fifth annual i(heart)music festival?  Oh, sorry I snatched that up from you before you got to it… hold up, I’m gonna read it to you…

(in horrible British accent)

They’ll be playing the Cafe Dekcuf stage, alongside Still Life Still and Paramedics. Meanwhile, downstairs at Mavericks, The Love Machine will be celebrating their CD release, and they’ll be joined by The Most Serene Republic, Whale Tooth and Loon Choir. It’s not a bad line-up if I do say so myself, and if you’re in town, I’d strongly encourage you to get your tickets today!

Let’s get some damn tickets, girl.  Oh, snap!  There they are!  Who?  CRUSH BUILDINGS, GIRL.  Yo, guys, how do you feel about it?

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