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Ann Coulter: Suspected Juggalo

August 18, 2010

Hold on, what’s going on here, world?  First juggalos attack Tila Tequila (with bottles, poop AND pee, solidifying their image as overgrown babies at a community fair face painting tent), then Method Man, and now Ann Coulter is to speak at an event for gay conservatives?  HOLD ON WORLD, YOU’RE BLOWING MY MIND!

First of all, were the juggalos trying to show Tila Tequila the magic and miracles inherent in poop and pee?   Maybe!

Second, Ann Coulter agreeing to speak at a gay-rights group?  Okay!  And how about a gay-right group?  ZING!

I can’t even make fully formed jokes about this!  2012 came early this year!

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