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Voted Best Blog Written By A Cat!

August 11, 2010

I KNOW!  A lot of you are thinking “Wait a tick, cats don’t know how to use computers, and it logically follows that they surely are unaware of the Internet and its many uses, and… hold on… I’m FAIRLY SURE they don’t understand LANGUAGE, let alone have even the faintest grasp of it to be able to express their opinions on a weblog!  Egads, a farce is upon us!”

Fair enough!  Now, let me pose this question to  you:

Why do you think like that?

And no, I don’t mean “Why do you think so negatively and cynically about the idea of a cat writing a blog”, no.  It’s fairly obvious why you think that, and I don’t fault you for it.   I mean, why does your internal dialogue read like it’s written in a pompous pseudo-British accent?

But let’s get back to you thinking it impossible for a cat to write a blog.  Why is THAT?  Because you’ve never seen a cat write a blog?  Such fallacious logic!  Why, just earlier today I felt just like you do, incredulous towards the idea of a cat-written blog,  AND THEN MY WHOLE WORLD CAME CRASHING DOWN AROUND ME.  I did a Google search for “cat blog by cats” (because I have the money) and came across MULTIPLE BLOGS SUPPOSEDLY WRITTEN BY CATS!

There is Sparkle, “award-winning author, supermodel and cat”, and Huffle Mawson, self-proclaimed “explorer cat”.  Now, I spent some time with Huffle Mawson’s blog, and I have to say that for an “explorer cat”, Huffle sure sits on the deck a whole lot.  But how does this happen?  How does a cat keep a blog?  EXCELLENT QUESTION!

I think I found the answer:

Why does this cat have a website?
Because her human felt like putting one up. So there.
From Sparkle’s “About” section

Alas, a farce indeed.  And so my search continues for an actual blog written by an actual cat.

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  1. pompuss permalink
    October 22, 2011 12:08 am

    Search no further you Disbelieving slave.

    Of course real cats blog. We just think that most of Homo Stupidus is too dumb and/or self absorbed to understand the finer points of our thoughts.

    I am Pompuss McVanity.

    I am a cat and I when I can be bothered I express my opinions at

    p.s. I really think I should be a candidate in your competition.

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