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I Keeps It Real: The FoxNation Message Boards

August 10, 2010

Hey, guys, can we take a minute to give a nod and a wink at some heroes?  I’m not talking Superman, Batman, or even the Black Panther (especially not in the same breath as the people I’m going to mention!).  No, I’m talking about the posters over at the Fox News message boards, otherwise known as Fox Nation.

I know a bunch of you (or maybe at least one) just did a collective “WHAAAAA?”, but let me explain!  Look, these guys keep it real.  Can we just agree on that?  Realer than most.  They’re not afraid to show their true colours!


Comments on article Prop 8 Judge: Pope Hurt Gays:

“”Homosexuals” are a harm to themselves for not seeking help for their “problem” in the first place. Instead they try to place the sin on someone else.”

“The judge is a fudgepacker, and what he had to say was aimed at pleasing his sorority brothers.”

“Gee, it’s so horrible that perverts aren’t getting their “civil rights” here in the U.S. Hey, try Iran or Saudi Arabia…”

And before somebody out there in the blogosphere (I think it’s a subset of The Internets) comes out and says “Oh, of course libtards (I got that from the FoxNation site… SO CLEVER!) will cherry pick comments and make us look bigoted, but bigots don’t exist amongst our ranks!” (seriously, anybody catch Glenn Beck’s response to the NAACP asking the Tea Party to condemn the racists in their midst?  “They should be discredited if there are racist people in the Tea Party. They should be discredited. I will help you do it. Where are they?”  They’re COMMENTING UP A STORM on FoxNation, Glenn!), and I’ll tell you that, yes, you’re right.  There is absolutely a tendency on both sides to cherry pick incidents which support the narrative which you then use to pigeonhole those you disagree with.

BUT YOU GUYS MAKE IT SO EASY!  Seriously!  Those were taken from the FIRST 13 COMMENTS on the article!  Who knows what gems are still to come?

Other Things FoxNation Message Board Posters Keep It Real With:

– Their straight-faced belief that straight, white males are the new minority

– Their straight-faced belief that all Muslims (RE: Brown – Generic) are evil

– Loving the SHIT out of Jesus Christ

– Their belief that black people are SO RACIST (like, so racist it’s not even funny)

– Feminists are sexist dykes who need to get laid

– Sarah Palin is a grade-A genius

– Barack Obama is a terrorist, a communist, a fascist, a socialist, a Nazi, a racist, at-the-very-least NOT Hawaiian, and the “n-word”

– ETC!

Guys!  You’re making it SO EASY for everybody!

I’m just saying, keep-keepin’ it real.

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