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Battle of the Bands: The Voice of Reason

August 9, 2010

“Ready or not, here I come…”

– The Fugees

Yo!  You know how Wyclef was, like, totally rumoured to be running for president of Haiti and everybody was like “Jokes!”?  And then how it turned out to be true?  And everybody was like “Go, Clef!”, “Why, Clef?” (JOKES!), or “Whatevers, Clef!” (complacency FTW!)?  It seems like it was just last week!

Well, Sean Penn isn’t having it, and NOW NEITHER IS PRAS!  And we should all totally listen to him, because he wrote at least part of Ghetto Supastar (Clef HELPED),  which was 1998’s “Fight the Power” (or the theme song to Bulworth, I dunno).  So we should listen to what he says?  Instead, he’s throwing his weight behind Sweet Micky.  Wait, what?

Yes, folks.  Sweet Micky.  Michel Martelly, affectionately known as “Sweet Micky”, is ANOTHER Haitian musician running for president, and Pras is all about this guy.  What’s his deal?

Martelly is a friend of the current president, Rene Preval, and has previously acknowledged such friendships as the one with Lt. Col. Michel François, the former Port-au-Prince police chief who was convicted of drug-related offenses in the U.S. Prior to the coup to overthrow Duvalier, Martelly operated a nightclub called the Garage, often frequented by military and other members of the ruling class. Later, after a second coup had overthrown Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Martelly played a concert for free to oppose the return of the ousted Haitian president and any American presence on the troubled island. The wildly-charismatic Martelly refused to back down from criticism of his affiliations with politicians and government officials. As he once stated to a news reporter, “I don’t have to defend myself….It’s my right. It’s my country. I can fight for whatever I believe in.”

From Sweet Micky’s Wikipedia

I guess?  You also may remember him from his feature on Wyclef’s Carnival, off the 1997 album of the same name.


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