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UR KILLIN’ IT, BRO!: This Guy Korey Schaefer

August 6, 2010

Redman once said “Can’t be scared by the media, so fuck the media”.

That’s it.  No follow-up.  Just a Redman quote.  Okay, okay, I’m kidding, media (at least 5%)!  

So, this guy which us over here at Rifle Eyes are friends with, Korey Schaefer,  is TTLY KILLIN’ IT, BRO!  Some of you may know him as serially awkward the co-host of’s “Something New” which plays on AuxTV, and others may know him as serially awkward Korey.  WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT, PEOPLE WHO KNOW KOREY!

Anyway, we just wanted to take a moment to appreciate the hard work he has put in for his own ill-gotten gains bands he likes, friends, and for the Canadian music scene in general.  Seriously.  Check out these two clips from his now-defunct Rogers Cable show (he’s all nonchalant about it like “Whatever, dude, it was local”.  But I’VE never had my own Rogers Cable show, so, IMPRESSIVE!) “Left of the Dial” where he interviewed Crush Buildings and Kwiz Massturrz (both interviews were done on the same night, same show, BUT AIRED ON DIFFERENT DATES!  THE MAGIC OF TELEVISION!), and be sure to check out Something New, hosted by Korey and Jordan Bortolotti (sounds like a fake name to me)! Did I mention that the music for the opening credits is the instrumental for Dream Jefferson’s Bedtime Ballet?

Korey Schaefer: UR KILLIN’ IT BRO!

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