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Things Luminous Review c/o Conrad @ Coke Machine Glow!

August 3, 2010

A very heartfelt thank you goes out to Conrad Amenta over at Coke Machine Glow for this review of Crush Buildings’ “Thing Luminous”!  Don’t have the album yet?  Click the photo above and you can buy your own copy for $5!

Which is to say: how is it that Things Luminous even came to exist? What could possibly be the motivation to run, full-speed and face-first, into the outstretched fist of this pitiless scene? The music here sounds very much like a band less cynical than wizened to the notion of music’s particular challenges, like a band who no longer feel the pressure to render, with one masterful swoop, their indelible impression. What it is—simply, appealingly—is twenty odd minutes of good music, a hybridized electro-rock/pop centered by another of those gems in “The Minutes” that, like “Glowed,” is smack-palm-to-forehead obviously pretty great, all free-flowing and stylish and effortless. What Things Luminous is is almost playful with its textures where Surrender Sleep could sometimes feel like it had the weight of the world on its shoulders. What I mean to say is that this, their third release, is the band’s real coming-put party, the perfect introduction to what they are capable of—that fully formed and felt sense of the world in which they’re writing, that statement that you can go ahead and keep knocking them down but they’re going to keep at it. It’s sincere and melodious, and occasionally—as with “The Let Down” and the title track—very beautiful. And it’s wholly unpretentious about itself, fully aware of the callous shit this making music thing turns out to be.

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