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F*ck Coffee, I’m Shaking Down Bootleggers

June 15, 2010

You know how everybody has a “thing” that they claim gets them going better than coffee (or rather THE CAFFEINE WHICH THE COFFEE CONTAINS + SUGAR in some cases)?  Of course, there are some who are like “Cantstartmydaywithoutcoffee” (they’re too tired to actually separate their words.  It just comes out in a Boomhauer-esque string of verbal mush), but for the purpose of this entry, fuck those guys.

So anyway, some people jog, some people do other things that I’m not going to try to imagine (because I haven’t had my coffee so my imagination isn’t awake yet), or some people SHAKE DOWN BOOTLEGGERS LIKE M.O.P.!

NOTE THAT ONE GUY HAS A COFFEE IN HAND.  “I can’t shake down bootleggers without my joe, guys.”

ALSO:  Having the poop scared into the seat of your pants has to be better than coffee.

Thanks, M.O.P.!”
– Bootlegger

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