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James Hancock “35 Bodies” Mini-Mix!

May 22, 2010

Woo!  So that was a big week, right guys?  Dream Jefferson playing at Rancho’s IndieCredit event on Thursday, and Crush Buildings’ “Things Luminous” release party last night!  Time to kick back and do whatever people do when they aren’t working (crying themselves to sleep in the shower)!

Well, we’ve got a little something for you to start your weekend off with.  Look, I know it started last night, but, whatever.  Saturday is the first official day.  Isn’t it?  Whatever.


James Hancock threw together a tasty little mini-mix (as opposed to a “mega-mix”, which is totally longer) for you peoples out there called “35 Bodies”.  Great way to start your Saturday, even though it’s supposed to rain in Ottawa and Toronto, while Montreal is being treated to some beautiful overcast!  GET OUT THE SUNSCREEN AND THE PICNIC BASKET, WE’RE HITTING BEACHES!

Anyways, click the photo below to download!

Download James Hancock "35 Bodies" here FREE!

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