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Dream Jefferson (All Up In Your Area)

May 8, 2010

Attention People of Toronto Who Have Yet To See DREAM JEFFERSON (Owel Five & Corboe), Live:

The Future Is NOW.

Anybody who has caught a Dream Jefferson set know that they’re housing things like  Kool Keith, and they bring down the house like Queen Latifah and Steve Martin.  Okay, look, I know that some of you are like “Nobody can outdo the comedic duo of Queen Latifah and Steve Martin, their chemistry is bar none.”  Firstly, I would counter that you’re wrong.  Second, you have horrible taste.  However, there is no need to worry.  We can still be friends if you make it out to a Dream Jefferson show.

And there are many chances!

Tuesday, May 11 @ The Horseshoe: FREE SHOW.

That’s right.  Free.  On TOP of it being free, Dan Wolovick from Rancho Relaxo is turning it into a Double Down with a wonderful incentive.  If you make it out to Dream Jefferson’s set, you will receive free admission to a show of your choice at Rancho this year.  It’s basically a Double Free Show.

Facebook Event Page

Thursday, May 20 @ Rancho Relaxo: Dream Jefferson, LSD Spider and Serb Superb.

Part of Rancho’s indiecredit initiative, these shows raise money to be loaned to entrepreneurs in the developing world through lending organization Kiva.  You and I both know that there have been times where you’re like, “I really want to go see a great show, but I’m torn between that and wanting to connect people, through lending, for the sake of alleviating poverty!”  Well it must be your birthday, or your preferred religious figure is smiling on you, because on May 20 you can do BOTH.

Facebook Event Page

Friday, May 21 @ Outback Camping Music Festival: Dream Jefferson And a Whole Bunch Of Other Bands.

With three nights of camping and, as their Facebook event page claims, “24 OF THE MOST RAD BANDS & DJs JAMMIN DAY AND NIGHT”, this solves the eternal May 2-4, long weekend clash between camping and going to see twenty-four bands in three days.  To paraphrase The Man from Another Place, there’s no need to bring your Walkman when there’s always music in the air.

Outdoor fun for the whole family.

Facebook Event Page

Visit their Myspace page to hear their new banger “The Old Heartbeat”!

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