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Things Luminous Release Party!

May 6, 2010

It was a four-year wait between Small Room Sessions and Surrender Sleep.  Was the wait worth it?  Apparently so.

Given that the album’s production quality is apparently what Rooney and Romanuk were obsessing over, it seems as though they were fully justified on that front.


I was totally taken with the album, right from opener “Konstantinos,” and by the third (and best) track, “Ghoul Pounds” I was sold on this two-piece (or is it five-piece?)

Ear To The Sound

What can be said with some certainty is that this is a group that has just recently crossed the line between friends making music and having what it takes, and I’ll admit it: I want in on the ground floor.

Now, two years after the release of Surrender Sleep, Crush Buildings returns with their new EP “Things Luminous”, the first official offering by the Rifle Eyes music collective!

If you’re in or around Ottawa on Friday, May 21, make sure to drop by Zaphods, where the group’s five-piece live expansion will be celebrating their new release.  Accompanied by Paramedics, this promises to be the best $7 you’ve spent in a long time.  Make sure to bring an extra $5 to pick up the disc, or go here to purchase the digital download!

Doors @ 8 PM.

Check the Facebook event page, R.S.V.P., and invite your friends!

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